front view The lorry is now SOLD, sorry!

Front view of lorry, it is British Racing Green with gold paintwork.

We have owned this lorry since new-build, approx 1993, when it was designed and built to our own specifications by Crossline Coachbuilders, based in Norfolk. It is classed as a "Crossline County". It has a luxury living for 4 (in comfort) and can be stalled to take upto 3 horses or 4 ponies. It is an E reg (1987) Ford Cargo 0813 non-HGV, with 157000 miles on the clock. It has always been kept undercover and has recently had two brand new heavy-duty batteries (one for the engine, one for the living, can be connected together for charging or disconnected to prevent draining the main engine battery when using the living).

It has only been used a dozen or so times since about 2000, as I moved to London and sold my competition horses. Although I am back now I would like a small transit-type lorry as I no longer go overnight. It is lovely and easy to drive, a real 'ladies box' with powered steering etc. It seats 3 in the cab. It is plated until end of Oct but we will get in re-plated for the purchaser so consider it to have 12mths plating. We have kept it exceptionally well maintained at no-expense spared. All of the upholstery (burgundy/green/gold) and carpets (green) have always been covered, so they are as-new and completely unmarked, as you can see from the pictures. The living comes with fridge (with freezer box, runs on gas OR battery), oven, grill, hob (all gas), water heater, hot and cold running water, separate shower and sink area (where we also keep a portaloo, also available if purchaser wanted it!), and TV. All appliances are as-new and very little used, as you can see. Six overhead real-wood cupboards, wardrobe, plenty of storage space under the seats. Removable wood table. The seating area turns into a good-size double bed by way of an easy-insert (kept in the luton), and the luton is huge (sleeps 2 adults or 3 children easily) with good ceiling height and adjustable light and upholstered mattress to match. Wall-mounted gas heater. Curtains to the windows and at the front along the cab access. Good 'walk through' access from cab to living. The living area really does have everything to live in complete comfort at a 3-day event or longer.

It has three fully-adjustable partitions in the horse area, although we have only ever had two horses in it so have only ever had two partitions in use. It did come with three headboards but we have never used them and they are at the back of the barn underneath all sorts of furniture and bits n bobs, but we could get them out if the purchaser really wanted them! The horse area has a granulistic floor, parts of which have been re-laid recently. The ramp has been fully re-laid also. It has three saddle racks and three bridle hooks, and a long stainless steel rug rack above the horses. Three large in-skirt lockers for other tack and equipment. The large onboard water tank has an external hose connection for filling buckets, washing off etc. The horse area also has an extract/intake fan to keep them cool and air circulated, this is operated behind the drivers seat and can been seen in the photo of the hob/cooker underneath the speaker. There is a 2-bottle gas locker, and a mains hook-up locker.

The lorry is for sale privately, and other than a some scratches and knocks on the paintwork (we live down a narrow lane) it is virtually as good as the day it was delivered to us, and we will be very sad to see it go. It did also have shiny new hubcaps but they were stolen at an event and we haven't replaced them I'm afraid, but expect they are readily available. I also knocked-off the TV aerial from the roof with a low branch, so we now use a cheap plug-in aerial and it works perfectly, but the purchaser would be able to get a new roof-mounted one installed at a caravan centre without any problem. Last weekend we went up to Milton Keynes for their unaff 3 Day Event and it ran like a dream. Located in Huntley, Gloucestershire, see and click on Directions.
from rear Rear view of lorry
from rear Side view
Living Living from horse area, through to cab
Living Living again
Living with Table Living with table (pole just slots in)
Living from cab showing wall heater Living from cab (showing gas wall heater and wardrobe and door to horses)
Lower double bed Lower double bed made up, using easy-insert, stored in luton when not in use
Lower double bed Lower double bed again, shown from cab
Luton sleeping area Luton sleeping area, with light
Luton sleeping area Luton sleeping area, with matching matress
under seat storage Under seat storage
access to under seat storage Access to under seat storage when the seating cushion is down is via an allen-key (two kept onboard in specially designed holder)
Cushion Cushion showing immaculate condition of upholstery
cupboards above sink and tv Three solid wood cupboards above sink, and integral tv
cupboards above seating Three solid wood cupboards above seating
under sink cupboard Under sink cupboard
wardrobe_tabletop Wardrobe (with tabletop in store)
shower2 Full-height shower & mirror
shower room sink Shower room washbasin, front of which pulls down and folds back to drain water away. Mirror above, not shown in picture
sink, hob, waterheater Sink, hob, waterheater
from cab - sink area and toiletdoor From cab - sink area and toiletdoor, mirror
portaloo Portaloo shown in shower area, washbasin folded back
Hob Four ring gas hob
Fridge Fridge
Fridge Fridge inside, showing freezer/ice box. Gas or battery operated.
cooker Cooker and grill
Cooker Cooker and grill open, note virtually unused!
through to living Through to living from horse area, saddle and bridle racks
Horse area from living Horse area from living, note also the additional ramp-light at rear
tackarea Tack area again
Rug racks Rug Racks, also you can see the extract/intake fan in roof and ramp-light
steps to horses Steps up to horses
One of 3 large outside Lockers One of 3 large outside Lockers
mains connection in locker Mains connection in locker
gas locker Gas locker
ramp up Ramp up, padded wooden rear tailgates
cab Cab (3 seats)

SOLD on 29th Oct 07. First posted 6 Oct, last edited 8 Oct 07 (mileage and location added).